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Good traveler: if you travel in Europe for example, you can find incredible offers in February and March, but if you want to travel during the summer, you will go up to double the price of the ticket.Last year, our trip to Madrid, Barcelona and Gran Canaria cost us only 150 euros per person in total from Paris.Really cheap for 6 flights!
Traveler Tip:Count on people's superstitions and focus on Fridays 13 and other 11 September, dates some are afraid to steal.Air tickets are then cheaper.Franc

Embark for Asia and discover a spiritual and magical country. By booking a flight to India, you will be carried away by the intriguing and fascinating charm of Indian lands & cheap last minute flights from chicago to new delhi
The country has wonderful assets. Between Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim temples, majestic Asian landscapes, urban modernity and extreme poverty, India leaves no one indifferent.
A flight Paris India will immerse you in the warm atmosphere of the capital, New Delhi, in the north of the country. Northern India is appreciated for the architecture of its temples and maharajahs. Wild landscapes are bordered by the Himalayas and the famous Ganges River. On your way you will come across sacred cows and elephants.
In Delhi, be sure to visit the Jama Masjid Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in India or the Ghandi Museum. Take a tour of the old city market with jewelry, fruits, typical clothes, spices and fabrics. In Agra, the unmissable and majestic Taj Mahal cultural heritage of Unesco will open its doors.
The Narmada River separates the north from the south of India. To the south is Mumbai, a densely populated and cosmopolitan city. Mumbai fascinates with its typical architecture, its modernity and the way of life of its inhabitants. The most popular monument in the city is the India Gate, an archway built in the 20th century in honor of King George V. Discover the Elora Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They form a set of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves.
Mumbai is also known as the capital of Indian cinema and Bollywood! Advertising boards presenting films and stars cover the city.
Not far away is the town of Pondicherry, a city marked by French colonization of the 17th century. Visit its market, famous for its spices and fabrics and visit the Temple of Manakula Vinagayar, built in the 5th century, where an elephant will bless you with his trunk.
South India boasts sandy beaches and the fantastic seabeds of Goa, Andaman, Kerala and Laquediv Islands, where you can practice scuba diving and other water sports.
Take a cheap plane ticket now for India, a country with a thousand contrasts. Namaskar!
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How To Find Good Destination Ideas For Your Next Trip?
Finding your next destination may take time. Everyone does not travel regularly and it is better not to be wrong in their choice. We can otherwise pay a lot of money. That's why we opened this travel blog in 2011 to help you find ideas for future trips. In addition, we give on this blog all our tips and tricks on all the sites and countries we visited in 20 years. What to escape, dream and make a lot of Tickets to India from USA are cheaper
If possible, avoid the holidays and pay attention to public holidays in the country visited It makes sense that traveling during the school holidays has a cost. Also note that during the spring holidays or during the Christmas holidays, flights are more expensive than normal.This is the hard law of supply and demand.
Good traveler: if you travel in Europe for example, you can find incredible offers in February and March, but if you want to travel during the summer, you will go up to double the price of the ticket.Last year, our trip to Madrid, Barcelona and Gran Canaria cost us only 150 euros per person in total from Paris.Really cheap for 6 flights!
Traveler Tip:Count on people's superstitions and focus on Fridays 13 and other 11 September, dates some are afraid to steal.Air tickets are then cheaper.Franck's brother took the opportunity last September 11th for a trip AR La Reunion-Paris at a smart price
Be flexible with your travel dates. Flexibility is the key to finding cheap airline tickets. We all have our obligations and some can not choose their day of departure on vacation.However, think twice.
Ticking the box "flexible dates" can save you tens of euros.
Prefer to fly in the middle of the week rather than the weekend.It was noticed that flying on Thursday was often cheaper.
Avoid the month of August, a month during which many Europeans travel.
     When to buy your flight ticket om internet ?
Buying and booking your flight at the right time is also a must-have tip to save some money on your next trip.Based on our experiences as travelers, we have found that for domestic flight syou have to book your flight about 7 to 8 weeks in advance.This may vary a bit depending on the destination and the high-season tourist periods.For long-haul flights: Between 3 weeks and 5 months Do not book early (more than 5 months in advance) or too late (less than 2 weeks).
At the beginning of January 2014, for example, a family of 5 benefited from a 500 euro discount on various expenses when purchasing 5 Paris-Kuala Lumpur round-trip air tickets thanks to the one of the campaigns posted on our blog.
Check our travel blog regularly and watch for special offers like "zero fees"that are really interesting solo, couple, family and group.
What day and what time should you book your flight? Weird question? not really.
Airlines and other flight comparators change their rates according to the days of the week. The cheapest days to book your plane ticket are Wednesday and Thursday, midweek. And yes, airlines generally update their booking bases in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. They immediately put back on the market cheaper tickets resulting from canceled reservations for example. Tickets unsold during the weekend can also find at this time more attractive rates.
But be careful this hour is not fixed because the site can be based in the United States as in Thailand and there are inevitably stories of time differences. We will dig deeper and we will try to tell you more soon.

In terms of accommodation, there is for all the scholarships. From simple dormitory in youth hostels to luxury 5-star hotels. You can also find mid range hotels for a great price. You can also make delicious local meals, hearty but inexpensive. If you prefer international cuisine or gourmet restaurants, you will find it easy. For your trips within the country, you will be spoiled for choice: car , bus, plane, helicopter ... for a very sweet price India to USA flights are very cheap.
In general, India offers you many opportunities to travel cheaply. And if you have the taste of luxury, India can satisfy you at all levels.
A backpacker can easily travel to India with a budget of USD20-25 (EUR15-20) per day. This means sleeping in dormitories or cheap hotels, taking local transport and trains without air conditioning. For food , tours of monuments or activities, it will take on average USD10-15 per day.
MIDDLE RANG-If you can increase your budget by USD30 or EUR20 compared to an economy trip, you can enjoy more comfort on your trip. You can stay in boutique hotels, travel faster by including some domestic flights, air-conditioned trains and some chauffeur-driven trips. For meals taken in mid-range restaurants and tours, count
HIGH RANGE-If you are used to more luxurious trips, you will be delighted by the variety of hotels India offers. You can travel in a comfortable and air-conditioned SUV, and test the high Indian cuisine, including some small towns that have a remarkable catering offer.
Entry fees to tourist sites are often higher for foreigners than for Indian citizens. There may be an extra charge for cameras / video.
In big cities, especially in Mumbai , hotel rates are much higher than other parts of India. Prices increase during the season especially between November and January.
The price of a meal fluctuates enormously: if you eat in the street, or opt for simple roadside catering, a dish will cost you about INR 150 (2 USD or 1.40 euros) and for a gourmet dinner, INR1500 - 2000 (24 USD or 22 euros) excluding drinks and taxes.
Some will think that going through a travel agency increases the cost of the tour, but in reality we will save you a good chunk of your budget by booking your hotels in advance at negotiated rates and organize your trips that you do not waste time in transport.
The following table will give you an overview of the estimated total price of a two-week stay in India. We have tried to explain all the expenses you will incur. However, depending on your travel style and preferences, you can either spend a little more or a little less.
Please read the detailed explanation in the table for the cost of services
 Indicative prices for holidays in India, for two adults, for two weeks:
Small budget
Even if you have a tight budget, you will easily find hotels / hostels between INR 800 and INR 1500 at night. The room will be simple but clean, or a nice dorm. Breakfast is not always included in this price. Youth hostels are developing a lot in India and are safe, clean and offer a lot of activities. It is an ideal place to meet other travelers.
You can also find cheaper rooms, between INR 300 and INR 500 per night, but the cleanliness is debatable. Our calculation is based on economy hotels between INR 800-1500 per night.
Medium budget
You will have more comfort: a room with private bathroom all the time. Depending on the hotel infrastructure in the cities, you will sometimes sleep in simple but still impeccable rooms and other nights in more prestigious places. On average, count INR 2500 for one room per night.
Breakfast is included in most cases. Some of your hotels may have a pool or a very nice view.
To give you an idea of the hotels we offer in Rajasthan, you could spend the night in Mewar Haveli, Udaipur, Kankarwa Haveli, Udaipur (a bit more expensive, but have an excellent view) or enjoy a charming room in Jaipur .
Budget Comfort  :
You like a comfortable bed, charming or heritage hotels, rooms with a nice view (if possible) and a nice pool from time to time. The price will average INR 4500 per room per night.
Breakfast will always be included. A number of your hotels would be either boutique hotels or heritage hotels.
For example, Shahpura house, Jaipur or Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur.
Small budget
You mainly use trains to move between different stages. In our services, train journeys are in compartments with A  Remember that trains are a great way to travel to India. For some trips, taking a train is sometimes not possible; it may also be that the train is complete when you decide to book, you will have to take a bus line.
You will use local public transport, or tuk-tuks (motorized rickshaw) to move around the cities. I
Traveling in North India by train and bus is inexpensive, fun, and the mesh of both networks is very well designed.
Medium budget
You will always take trains with A / C, and, if taking the train is not possible, a car with driver or even a domestic flight or two.
Comfort Budget  - You will have a car and driver to drive you from one stage to another in most cases. Whenever the distances are long, you will take a domestic flight.
Having a car and a driver during your trip to India is a comfortable and flexible way to explore the country.
India is not an expensive destination when it comes to food. However, in big cities and tourist places, the cost is a bit h
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